".... one of our most gifted and innovative practitioners"  

                                                             Kenneth Porter M.D                                              

1980 – 2010                                                
































                           I practice a collaborative psychotherapy in which we work together as equal partners to understand the unique struggles that bring you to therapy.


                           Psychotherapy is a commitment to pay attention to your self in a particular way that will free you to move forward with a renewed sense of confidence and an increased ability to focus on and achieve your goals.


                            As your psychotherapist my job is to help you to engage your natural capacity for self-healing. Your strengths are as important as your vulnerabilities. Your natural human gifts of conscious awareness and the abiity to reflect on your experience can be the greatest strengths you have. We will work together using those gifts to help you realize more of your potential for happiness.


                            My goal is to match your motivation and desire to heal with  with my skill, knowledge and understanding. I will listen with compassion and encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences while staying focused on the purpose of our work together. You will learn specific skills to help you identify and manage self-defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors.   


                                My perspective is informed by thirty years of working with children, families and adults, by study and research and by a deep understanding of the dynamics of relationships at home and in the workplace.




We have known for thousands of years that while our impulse is often to turn away from our suffering it is only by looking at it that we can understand and heal it. This ancient wisdom has a prominent place in the world of modern psychotherapy.
Non-pharmaceutical treatments for depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and a variety of other conditions, have become increasingly effective as we have come to understand more about human realtionships and the mind.
Research in child development and neuroscience have taught us a lot about how we function. But day-to-day real-world issues have taught us a great deal also.
The most exciting development is the accumulation of evidence that how we relate to our environment is a major factor in our happiness and sense of satisfaction.
Cultivating non-judgemental awarenes of our thoughts, feelings and behavior and of how these elements of our experience are related, is a key skill that is within our reach, that can unlock our potential for fulfillment and help us to lead a more balanced life.
Traditional healer, possibly Efik from
the Cross River Area, Nigeria (Height 10")
Artist unknown
 "If we suffer, it's because we haven't learned how not to."  Paul Bowles