Individual Psychotherapy

Each of us is a unique and complex human being endowed with all that we need to sustain ourselves in the world. Nevertheless, we suffer, perhaps because, as the writer Paul Bowles said, "we haven't learned how not to". We come to therapy when we find a gap between what we wish for and what we are. Sometimes that gap presents itself because of a crisis, a major loss perhaps, or a failure to fulfill our dreams. Sometimes the gap is felt as a continuous nagging self doubt, as a depresssion or anxiety condition. It is the gap between our desire and our life as it is that is the subject of the dialogue in psychotherapy and that represents the path to ending our suffering.  

All psychotherapies search for the roots of unhappiness in the ways we have adapted to the circumstances of our life. The purpose of psychotherapy is not to blame the past but to look closely at the present, because everything is there, and to cultivate awareness of how we experience our life from moment to moment. In this way, we can begin to see how we may become more fully ourselves and lead a richer, more fulfilled life.