From vintage C-T Art Colortone postcard by Curteich, Chicago.
"Amish Children of Lancaster County"
Child Therapy

Childen are our heirs and our legacy, they contain everything we are and everything they themselves are capable of being. When they are very young the world in which they may become themselves is almost entirely of our making. As they grow and begin to forge their own character and destiny they begin to meet the world more on their own terms. Children face the challenges we all face and they owe the world what we all owe to it; to be as fully themselves as they can be. For us adults the challenge of guiding, teaching, or parenting children is to see past our own hopes, dreams or desires for them, and our fears of what might become of them, to who our children really are. Then we can help them to develop their own unique gifts and talents and face the world with confidence.

Psychotherapy with children, depending on their age and developmental needs focuses not just on their behavior but on the environment and the network of relationships that nourishes and protects them while evaluating as fully as possible the range and extent of their psychological resources

In our increasingly performance oriented world school based problems are often the focus of children’s treatment. I can provide effective non-drug approaches to treatment which I believe are particularly important for children whose neuronal and synaptic development is still in process.